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current category: Government

City of Monmouth

100 East Broadway
Monmouth, IL  61462

Contact: Lowell Crow, City Administrator
Phone: (309) 734-2141

Hale Township Building

302 210th Avenue
Monmouth, IL  61462

Contact: Dale Rothzen, Township Supervisor
Phone: 309-734-5859

IDOT Monmouth Operation Yard

710 180th Ave
Monmouth, IL  61462

Phone: 309-734-2912

Illinois Department of Human Services

1245 South Main Street
Monmouth, IL  61462

Contact: Sue McCance
Phone: 309-734-2159

Lenox Road District

908 150th Avenue
Monmouth, IL  61462

Contact: John Gillen
Phone: 309-734-6166

Monmouth Cemetery

Check Website for plot prices, burial fees, other information.

720 N. 6th Street
Monmouth, IL  61462

Contact: Jack Hull, Manager
Phone: 309-734-2532

Monmouth Fire Department

The Monmouth Fire Department proudly protects 10,000 people living in an area of 5.0 square miles, operating out of 2 stations. Our department is a public department whose members are on a combination of paid and volunteer status. We have an ISO rating of a Class 5.

Our goal is to provide the citizens of Monmouth with a professional service that will mitigate any hazard in our community. There are 15 career firefighters and a Fire Chief. The 15 career firefighters are assigned to 1 of 3 shifts. Each shift has one Assistant Chief, one Captain and three firefighters, they work a 24/48 schedule, with the Chief working a 40-hour week.

601 Industrial Park Road
Monmouth, IL  61462

Phone: 309-734-8428

Monmouth Municipal Airport

The Monmouth Municipal Airport is located on the northeast side of Monmouth, just off Route 34 at 11th Street – the address is 1320 N. 11th Street.

It is open for public use.

There are two asphalt north/south lighted runways, each at 2899 x 60 ft.

Services include aviation fuel, automotive fuel, airplane storage – tie-downs and hangar.

Free ramp parking is also available.

1320 North 11th Street
Monmouth, IL  61462

Contact: Janet Themanson, Manager
Phone: 309-734-3411

Monmouth Municipal Band

The Monmouth Municipal Band is a community band that meets during the summer and usually performs six concerts a season. Anyone is welcome to join the band!

214 South 3rd Street
Monmouth, IL  61462

Phone: (309) 734-3867

Monmouth Public Works/EMC

Environmental Management Corporation (EMC) optimizes and manages systems and facilities for industrial companies and municipalities. It operates and maintain Monmouth's production plants, utility systems, and water and wastewater systems. Monmouth benefits from EMC's services by lowering costs, reducing risk, increasing efficiency and reliability, and improving regulatory compliance. EMC currently serves customers in the following markets: ethanol, food and beverage, municipalities, chemicals and refining.

Normal business hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Public Works Office: (309)734-4026
Water Dept Customer Service: (309)734-2035

If you have any questions concerning your water bill you can email us at the following address:

100 E. Broadway
Monmouth, IL  61462

Contact: Andy Jackson, Director
Phone: 309-734-4026

Monmouth Street Dept Garage

Street repair, maintenance, snow plowing, leaf vacuum pick-up, etc

711 South 3rd Street
Monmouth, IL  61462

Contact: Gary Icenogle, Supervisor
Phone: 309-734-5098

Monmouth Township

Township governments perform three vital functions in Warren County:

To take care of roads and bridges that are not under city or county jurisdiction. Townships maintain a full 53% of the thoroughfares in the state.
Township government also assesses township properties (township assessors are required to take certification courses).
Township offices also provide general assistance to individuals and families in need within the township.

311 E. Archer Avenue
Monmouth, IL  61462

Contact: Rick Levine, Township Supervisor
Phone: 309-734-2651

Monmouth Township Garage

Township governments perform three vital functions in Warren County:

To take care of roads and bridges that are not under city or county jurisdiction. Townships maintain a full 53% of the thoroughfares in the state.
Township government also assesses township properties (township assessors are required to take certification courses).
Township offices also provide general assistance to individuals and families in need within the township.

1221 E. Boston Avenue
Monmouth, IL  61462

Phone: 309-734-4338

United States Post Office

Business Hours
Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm
Sat 9:00am-12:00pm
Sun closed
Last Daily Collection
Mon-Sat 5:00pm
Sun no pick-up

235 South 1st Street
Monmouth, IL  61462

Contact: Donna Sherwood
Phone: 309-734-4312

Warren County Clerk/Recorder

Birth, Death, and Marriage Records, Marriage License information, Assumed name for business,
Fireworks permits, Notary applications, Voter registration, Voting centers, Becoming an election judge, Absentee voting, Redeeming delinquent property taxes, Recording a document
County liquor license, Genealogy

Our vital records, with the exception of marriage records, start in 1877. Records were not required to be filed in 1916, therefore we may or may not have the record you requested. The State of Illinois have specific requirements for obtaining genealogy records.

100 W. Broadway
Monmouth, IL  61462

Contact: Tina Conard
Phone: 309-734-8592

Warren County Coroner - Annex

Assist with copies of inquests, past, present autopsy reports. Assist Families that have a need of records. Please contact the coroners office with any requests for information.

Coroners office will furnish public information programs concerning DUI and various publications for public safety.

112 North Main Street
Monmouth, IL  61462

Contact: Bill Underwood, Coroner
Phone: 309-734-3290

Warren County Courthouse

Offices in the Courthouse:
Circuit Clerk - 309-734-5179
County Clerk - 309-734-8592
County Treasurer - 309-734-8536
County Zoning - 309-734-8476
Election Dept - 309-734-4612
Probation Office - 309-734-4137
State's Attorney - 309-734-8476
Assessment Office - 309-734-8561
Veteran's Assistance - 309-734-6767

100 West Broadway
Monmouth, IL  61462

Contact: Warren County
Phone: (309) 734-8592

Warren County Health Department

Hours: M-F (8:00-12)-(12:30-4)

Warren County Health Department will enhance the health and safety of the community by promoting public health education and awareness, providing essential health services, and encouraging collaborative efforts throughout Warren County.

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH-private septic system permits and inspections, water well permits/inspections/water samples, sewer and water evaluations for real estate transactions, food service sanitation
Call David McDowell at 734-1314, ext. 104 for more information.

COMMUNITY HEALTH-immunizations, smoking cessation program, lead and communicable disease surveillance
Call Andrea Winking at 734-1314, ext. 102 for more information.

COMMUNITY HEALTH-breast cancer awareness community outreach, cardiovascular health outreach, and other healthy living education
Call Becky Spires at 734-1314 ext 101 for more information.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS-Pandemic Flu preparedness, SNS preparedness, all hazard planning
Please contact 734-1314 ext 101 or 103 for more information.

Health Education presentations along with MammaCare training sessions are available for the community. MammaCare Breast Self-Examination is the recognized standard for teaching and performing manual breast examination throughout the world. Women and clinicians properly trained in this technique have found breast cancers as small as 3 mm in diameter. WCHD now offers one-on-one instruction provided by a certified MammaCare Breast Self-Examination Instructor. Please call the office for more information.

400 North Main Street
Monmouth, IL  61462

Contact: Jenna Link, Administrator
Phone: 309-734-1314

Warren County Sheriff Office

The Warren County Sheriff's Department is located in the Warren County Jail behind the courthouse at the corner of north A and Archer.

In case of emergency please dial 911 and the dispatcher will connect you with the appropriate department. For non emergency dispatch service dial 734-8383.

The Warren County Sheriff's Department serves legal papers to county residents. In addition the Sheriffs Department patrols all the county roads and respond to any calls for assistance in the county. The Sheriff's Department also gives assistance when necessary to other law enforcement offices in the county.

121 North A Street
Monmouth, IL  61462

Contact: Martin Edwards, Sheriff
Phone: 309-734-8506